Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Saudaraku, Ahmad Nor

by Dr Nasir Hashim
As I pass through this timeless journey of mine
Glitching through this world of virtual reality
Stumbling over the choppy ways and by-ways
To touch love
The compassion within
My journey halted …
Frozen by the glimpse of an eternal soul
From far yonder
Totally enchanted …
By this soft-spoken man
The spark that ignites trapped souls
To challenge this decaying capitalism
Laced with the ever-glowing …Red silhouette of socialism
The symbol of defiance
Casting uncharted colours of the struggle within
Arousing these humble souls
To redefine this amorphous future

SaudaraYou have walked through thousand paths….
Glimpsed through thousand horizons
Witnessing untold tragedies and miseries
Gracefully seeking your destiny
Growing with every atom of energy
To serve the working class, the people and nation
That you so dearly respect and love
Surely …..your sacrifice is not in vain
I pause to fathom your smile …… of thousand meanings
That beckons the inner recesses of my humanity
Wishing to endear this unity …. this joy
The joy of lasting dreams
The heritage that must be

The chains of slavery that must be broken free
But who am I …. To assert such certainty
Delving on a woven dream
Hoping to convince trapped beings
That this struggle is a living reality
That we must be born free
That this exploitation, this oppression is not meant to be
Time passed us by
Unmended dreams eclipse the sublime years
But then you have to bid goodbye
For we know
You are in transit
Passing through the world
With precious moments well spent
A legacy of struggles that marches forever

SaudaraCan we still seek your permission
To continue your legacy
To offer ……. these worn out hands of ours
To caress the very beauty …. of your compassion
With our endearing spirit?
Will you allow us
To touch the very petals of your being
with our loving hands
and our hopeful dreams?
Farewell my friend….. our comrade
Your smile, your humility and your spirit
Will forever shine in us

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